Don’t Dare to Dream GMA Pinoy TV Show Cast and Story

About the Show

GMA pinoy tv show Don’t dare to dream Pyo Na ri and writer Hwa-shin are tough associates at SBC broadcasting station. Na ri really inclines toward Hwa shin three years sooner at any rate things change when she meets the ideal man Go Jung won, a chaebol beneficiary and dear pal of Hwa shin.By then, Sung-sook and Ja-youthful, who are arranges in both love and calling, get ensnared with Kim Rak, a cafe proprietor and landowner of the structure where Na-ri lives.

Main Cast

Gong Hyo-jin

Coming about to incorporating with dear sidekick Shin Min-ah in the 2009 new Sisters on the Road, Gong played a sure gourmet master in upbeat parody plan Pasta in 2010. Initially shaped as the average careless and spunky romantic comedy strong woman, Gong figured it would weaken and depleted to play her in like manner, and genuinely chose the colossal acting choice to play against sort by making the character as a standard young lady who was clearly given up, at any rate had a peaceful quality and keenly got her direction. Her science with co-star Lee Sun-kyun and the presentation’s blustery air pushed it to the most raised motivation behind the evaluations diagram. Repudiating essential arrangement into the performing skilled worker polarities of genuine or hot, Gong had a spot with a third, particularly minor social event of whimsical ideas that additionally meld Kang Hye-jung and Bae Doona.

Despite the fact that not a normal significance, after the achievement of Pasta, Gong was given the name Gongvely by the press, a portmanteau of her surname and the English word dazzling. In a rising instance of turning standard TV strategy with progressively hazardous extra significant screen experiences, Gong incorporated into Rolling Home with a Bull, another low-spending non standard adjusted from Kim Do-yeon’s novel. She played a widow running with her writer ex in Yim Soon-rye’s part-Buddhist reflection, part-street motion picture. In 2011, Gong acted speak Cha Seung-won in the TV plan The Greatest Love. Composed by the Hong sisters, the lighthearted comedy is set in news sources and around an inconceivable inclination between a has been pop-star and a best on-screen character.

The approach was a significant hit with social occasions of onlookers, acknowledging expanded inescapability for Cha and Gong. She was additionally hailed for her naturalistic, direct acting, which served to modify Cha’s wacky tricks. The Greatest Love cleared the MBC Drama Awards, including a Top Excellence Award for Gong. She worked again with Kim Tae-yong for Beautiful 2012, a development of four Micro Movies made by Chinese web sort out Youku. That investigate what is splendid. In Kim’s short film You Are More Than Beautiful, Park Hee-before long plays a man who uses a performing skilled worker named Young-hee to proclaim to be his life accessory when he acquaints her with his shrinking father in Jeju Island. You Are More Than Beautiful later gotten a passionate discharge in 2013. Uninterested in saying pretty occupations, Gong said she bolstered playing multi-faceted ladies, similar to the laidback, offbeat female lead with unshaved armpit hair in Love Fiction.

Known for her realness on set and obvious to everybody, Gong direct yielded that she had issues with her character and took her challenges to its supervisor Jeon Kye-soo. In spite of the fact that Gong said she might want to keep making little scale films as opposed to finish a shallow blockbuster, Love Fiction was her most business include yet, and earned back the primary hypothesis at more than 1.7 million affirmations. She by then rejoined with Love Fiction co-star Ha Jung-dumbfound in 577 Project, a record that looks for after a social affair of performing specialists strolling 577 kilometers (358 miles) over the country. In 2013 Gong incorporated into parody film, Boomerang Family, adjusted from Cheon Myung-kwan’s novel Aging Family around an adult trio of family who leave on a development of misfortunes after they move back in their mom’s home.


Gong said she felt scrub from her character’s persistent castigating, and rapture from acting in an outfit whose performing experts share unprecedented science with one another. Veteran on-screen character Youn Yuh-jung said that the action ofa twice-disengaged from single parent was ideal for her that she couldn’t envision some other individual playing it. The Hong sisters cast her again in their next blueprint Master’s Sun, a lighthearted comedy with awfulness components. Costar So Ji-sub praised Gong as the best Korean on-screen character beginning at now working in insightful parody. The show game-plan was a business hit and empowered So and Gong’s private and overall inescapability. In 2014, Gong included as a master who falls for a riddle author with schizophrenia in the helpful acting game-plan It’s Okay, That’s Love.

She said she picked the undertaking in light of screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung, who had likewise made a show Gong showed up in 10 years back, Wonderful Days. In spite of dull appraisals, It’s Okay, That’s Love arranged third on the year-end Content Power Index and got praise for watching out for the segment and social disgrace joined to individuals with enthusiastic prosperity issues and different minorities.

Jo Jung-suk

Jo Jung-suk had for a long time been shivering to be before a horde of individuals. He was yielded into the Theater organization of Seoul Institute of the Arts on understudy advance, at any rate after his dad kicked the can in 2000, Jo’s denied mother wound up being thoroughly subject to him. He was given up a unique case from military association because of family conditions, and he quit school before graduating so he could begin winning cash by doing musicals. He made his lord acting presentation in The Nutcracker in 2004. Jo then ended up novel and no doubt fathomed in melodic theater, acting in an aggregate of 25 musicals amidst the fundamental nine years of his vocation, joining Organ in My Heart, Janggeum the Great, and Korean plans of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Grease, The Island, and Spring Awakening.

In 2011 he managed his first TV take a shot at association course of action What’s Up as a clumsy in any case fit music understudy. Be that as it may, 2012 would be his breakout year, incorporating into two unquestionable undertakings. In his wide screen appear, he expected a supporting work in film industry hit Architecture 101. As the fiery heavenly individual’s closest sidekick Nab-ddeuk, Jo’s execution overwhelmed with character and comic masterminding, and he won Best New Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, correspondingly as got assignments from the Grand Bell Awards and Buil Film Awards. He was in the long run a scene stealer in his third onscreen fill in as sincere trooper Eun Shi-kyung in the sensation game-plan The King 2 Hearts. Jo’s display of flexibility and screen vicinity in those activities caused a flood in standard notoriety for the performing specialist, accomplishing near twenty ideas for films and TV approach, similarly ads.

He next featured in extra huge screen parody Almost Che, ambiguously dependent on a genuine scene from 1985, in which understudy activists coercively had the US Cultural Center in Seoul and had a standoff with the police. In the wake of shooting the period show Song Kang-ho-starrer The Face Reader, Jo came back to TV in his first onscreen driving occupation in the 2013 family execution you are the Best Lee Soon-shin. Jo showed up in two movies in 2014 the period spine chiller The Fatal Encounter where he played a specialist professional killer focusing on King Jeongjo, and the joyful farce My Love, My Bride, a re-attempt of the relative titled 1990 hit in which he and Shin Min-ah played a starting late hitched couple. In 2015, Jo played a self important star gourmet ace who gives up to his kitchen right hand who’s been obliged by a virgin phantom in Oh My Ghost, which was a business and key hit.

He additionally featured The Exclusive Beat the Devil’s Tattoo, wherein he played a TV news include author who gets a scoop, looked for after when swaying spine chiller Time Renegade. In 2016, Jo played an intellectual in SBS’s sprightly parody Don’t Dare to Dream who falls for a climate have. The course of action was a hit and incited broadened inescapability for Jo, who by then wrapped up a victor among the most searched for after performers in the business. He by then featured the sham show film My Annoying Brother near to Park Shin-hye and Do Kyung-soo of Exo. The film bested film industry outlines and earned positive audits for Jo, who was commended for his comedic timing and science with co-star Do.

Lee Mi-sook

By the mid-1980s she had wound up being a boss among the best known performing masters of her period. Together with Lee Bo-hee and Won Mi-kyung, they told the screen and were inferred as the Troika of the 1980s. Her most acclaimed films from this time combine Bae Chang-ho’s Whale Hunting and The Winter That Year Was Warm, Lee Doo-yong’s Mulberry and Eunuch, and Kwak Ji-kyoon’s Wanderer in Winter. Her fundamental work proceeded until the minute that the film Love Triangle in 1987, and some time later she gave up from the film in the wake of getting hitched. More than ten years at some point later, in 1998, Lee came back with an all things considered perceived work in E J-yong’s regard winning film An Affair, about a lady who goes gaga for her sister’s life associate. Utilizing this film as a springboard, she re-pushed her vocation.

In 2000, Lee was cast in the unquestionable undertaking The Legend of Gingko, which was viewed as creation affiliation Kang Je-gyu Film’s follow up to the gainful Shiri. Regardless the film wound up being a central and business dissatisfaction. Lee’s next two films, Kiss Me Much and Oh Lala Sisters, were in like way fundamentally expelled by get-together of people. Of course, her appearances in TV appears, for example, Solitude were progressively effective. In any case, 2003 was a victor among Lee’s greatest years, with her essentially acclaimed movement in E J-yong’s Untold Scandal, a retelling of the novel Dangerous Liaisons set in the Joseon Dynasty, and her action as a singular parent in Lee Eon-hee’s all around welcomed dramatization.

Lee next incorporated into Hellcats, a 2008 sprightly parody that seeks after the lives and acknowledges of three characters at various times of womanhood. At that point in 2009 Lee rejoined with E J-yong in Actresses, a semi-improvisational mockumentary highlighting six performers each playing themselves. In 2011, Lee moved her very own unique unmentionables line Starit, which was sold on home shopping channels. This would’ve been all around that truly matters stunning in earlier years with the arrangement business’ really tight spotlight on young ladies. By and by, since 2008 the refined and wonderful picture of on-screen characters, for example, Lee, Choi Myung-gil and Kim Hee-ae progressed toward getting the opportunity to be cheerful for acceptably developed ladies in Korea, and brands explicitly focusing on ladies in their 50s have expanded.

Lee remains a most worshiped in article spreads in plan magazines, recognizably a 2010 Elle Korea fuse inverse pop star TOP. Lee kept following up on TV giving a revolting self-retained, at any rate human swing to her action as the stepmother in Cinderella’s Sister, an assessments hit in 2010. 2012’s Love Rain, a Yoon Seok-ho acting that bobs between the 1970s and the present, inked abroad apportioning arrangements, yet was fruitless locally. After a censuring stretch on reality acting limit program Miracle Audition, Lee energized the association syndicated program Bad Scene, which included superstars who uncover terrible or humiliating scenes from quite a while ago.

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