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Nang Ngumiti ang Langit Story

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit is the story of a child, Mikmik, who grew up close to her mother, so she discovers that her mother is ill and in her efforts to help treat it, uncovers the truth that she is a child outside of a Salvador – one of the richest families in the country – but as she approached them for help, Divina and her mother drove her away, leaving Mikmik alone to fend for herself in the Salvadorian home where she hoped to one day receive her as a family and she will be loved just as her mother, Ella, loved her.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit Cast

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Ella

Ella Dimaano is a sort hearted lady who moves to Manila to live with her affluent dad Don Gabriel Salvador to go to school and satisfy her fantasy of turning into a specialist. She fears of being dealt with brutally by her dad’s significant other Dona Divina Salvador since she accepts that she is Gabriel’s ill-conceived little girl with Ella’s mom Leticia. Before Ella was conceived, Gabriel was subtly hitched to her mom Leticia Dimaano, yet he relinquishes her for Divina. Stunned by her magnificence and offer to put resources into his business, Divina lures Gabriel to destroy their marriage. Grief stricken and pregnant, Leticia moves to the region and raises Ella, not even once looking for assistance from Gabriel.

Divina trains her legal counselor and closest companion Nante to wreck Gabriel’s marriage records so she can wed Gabriel. As years pass, his marriage with Divina is troubled and she can’t hold up under a kid, Gabriel floats away and turns into a compulsive worker. They receive a kid named Eric, who is worshiped by Divina however is overlooked by Gabriel, who feels no association with his embraced child. Decades later, Don Gabriel carries Ella to live with them to seek after her school considers. Dona Divina is enraged yet defenseless against the desires of her better half. Nonetheless, her child Eric manufactures a solid bond with his progression sister, and the two kin bolster each other in their every day challenges: Eric against the unforgiving chilliness of their dad, and Ella against the brutality of her stepmother. Ella is adored by the family unit staffs and she frames a dear companionship with a worker house cleaner Ruth.

Wear Gabriel respects Ella’s scholarly capacities as she reliably gets good grades in her scholastics, while Divina keeps on loathing her. Ella’s life flips around when Don Gabriel is killed. Divina promptly changes Ella’s status in the family unit from “little girl” to “house cleaner”. She shrouds the will where Don Gabriel names Ella his beneficiary, and the marriage testament which awards Ella rights to her legacy as his real youngster. Ignorant of her actual status, Ella keeps on pursueing her investigations and drives forward as a servant in the Salvador family unit in return for her school educational cost. After the catastrophe, Ella meets Michael Villaluna and they begin to look all starry eyed at, keeping their relationship a mystery in view of the complexities of the two families Michael is the child of David Villaluna, a manufacturer and general contractual worker whose business association with the Salvador family goes bad after a disastrous calamity with one of their tasks.

David is accused for Don Gabriel’s death, which happens not long after legitimate and work debates charges are brought against the Villaluna family. Ella’s association with Michael is uncovered by Michael’s ex-life partner Katrina de Leon and now wedded to Eric Salvador. Katrina is envious of Ella. Similarly as Katrina expected, Divina is enraged over her stepdaughter’s association with her adversary. She shows Ella out of the Salvador chateau. While Michael salvages Ella, Eric finds out about Ella’s authenticity and that Divina was concealing reality from her. He lands at the Villaluna chateau to disclose to her reality yet gets into a battle with Michael, coming about to Eric’s unplanned demise as they ponder a firearm.


Michael is captured and goes to jail, while Ella returns home to her region, pregnant with Michael’s kid. Ella chooses to bring up her kid alone, far away from the Salvadors and the Villalunas. Ella brings forth an infant young lady she names Mikmik and both live in Ella’s youth home in a barrio. Their modest and serene life is upset when Ella is determined to have a forceful type of leukemia. As they raise assets for Ella’s chemotherapy, Mikmik finds her mom’s sack containing photos and a letter from “E. Salvador”, and accept he is her dad and accepts they would assist her mom with the chemotherapy. Mikmik meets Dona Divina, who quickly rejects the little youngster’s requests for help. Ella bites the dust from her infection and Mikmik’s life changes. She moves in with Ruth’s family who are residential staff for the Salvadors, a lot to the hesitance of Dona Divina and Katrina.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Katrina

Katrina Balingit is a yearning lady who needs to satisfy her own fantasies. In affection with Michael Villaluna, she trusts that wedding him will make her monetarily secure. Be that as it may, the calamitous basic breakdown of the Salvador building and the death of Don Gabriel Salvador makes a huge difference when Michael’s dad David Villaluna is accused for the adversities. Michael goes up against his dad requesting that they owe up to the basic breakdown, however his dad cannot.

Not having any desire to be a piece of David’s dishonest practices, Michael voices out his arrangements to leave the family firm since he has since a long time ago needed to wander out individually. Stressed over her money related security, Katrina attempts to impact Michael to stay in the firm, however her solid restriction prompts a contention with Michael and they separate. She follows Eric Salvador and inevitably weds him in the wake of revealing to Eric that she is pregnant. Accepting that Katrina does not adore Eric, Dona Divina makes her consent to a prenuptial arrangement. Katrina’s marriage is brief when Eric is lethally shot by Michael and James, and faults Ella for her significant other’s passing. Katrina before long finds that her legacy from Eric isn’t as she anticipates. Suspicious of Katrina, Divina guarantees that the majority of Eric’s legitimate resources are not in his name.

Katrina’s matrimonial offer is fundamentally lessened, and she is compelled to live with and rely upon her relative. Resolved to get budgetary achievement, Katrina joins her relative organization and turns into an individual from the Board. She is likewise bound and determined at getting Michael back. She despises Mikmik and has a go at everything to get her to leave. Mindful of the continuous fight between the Salvadors and the Villalunas, she schemes with David Villaluna, her relative main adversary to beat Divina and win back Michael. She needs to keep Michael in obscurity about Mikmik’s parentage. When she finds Divina’s arrangement to legitimately receive Mikmik, she takes steps to retain her relative access to her girls. Incapable to influence her relative, she chooses to dispose of Mikmik. She masterminds to have Mikmik seized and offered to human dealers. Her arrangement reverse discharges when Amber is brought with Mikmik.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Mikmik

Mikmik enters the Salvador chateau to live with Ruth’s family and her kindred family unit staff. Treated barbarously by Katrina and her little girl Amber, Mikmik is resolved to win their hearts and has confidence in the feeling of having a place with a family, trusting that one day they will acknowledge her. Unconscious of Divina’s actual thought processes, Mikmik is delighted when her grandma starts to support her and offers to receive her. Her delight of being acknowledged does not keep going long when Divina isolates Ruth, Benjie and Joseph from her, changing her blessing from heaven into a horrendous bad dream. Unfit to control Mikmik, Divina makes her a detainee in the manor, as Divina heightens the formal reception to oversee the Salvador fortune.

Compromising and holding everybody prisoner, she drives her family to paint a completely flawless home condition to the social laborer directing meetings to survey Mikmik’s home condition. She keeps Mikmik secured her room and takes steps to isolate her for all time from Ruth and Benjie if her answers during the meeting contrarily impacts the selection. Mikmik, be that as it may, remains by reality and won’t be threatened by Divina. Luckily, the social laborer gathers through everybody’s monitored reactions and surveys the circumstance effectively.

She guarantees Mikmik she is her supporter and won’t put her in a reception that she isn’t happy with. Tumult pursues when human dealers get Mikmik and Amber as Michael touches base at the Salvador with a court requested DNA test. Ruth and Benjie arrive too with a police escort, following tyke misuse grievances documented by two of Divina’s family unit staff. After a short pursue and with the assistance of Katrina, the police salvage the two youngsters. Damaged and got dried out, the two young ladies are raced to the clinic. Mikmik is glad to see Ruth and Benjie, yet requested to meet her dad. Prior, Ruth reveals to Mikmik that her dad is as yet alive. Michael and Mikmik at long last meet. Mikmik met Grace after she touched base at the Salvador’s Mansion. Mikmik brings Grace and calls her Tita Grace. Effortlessness was glad to see Mikmik and Michael.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Divina

A well off beneficiary who experiences passionate feelings for Gabriel Salvador, the youthful, cutting-edge land manufacturer and engineer. The way that he is now hitched to Letitia Dimaano does not trouble her as she continues to tempt him with her enthralling magnificence and cash. She succeeds on the grounds that Gabriel leaves Letitia. Triumphant, Divina masterminds to have the marriage records cleaned away and for a considerable length of time, she thinks the records were altogether decimated in a flame. Upon her better half’s demise, she finds Gabriel’s and Letitia’s marriage testament, and his Will where he gives his little girl Ella her legitimate status as lawful beneficiary. This wrecks Divina in light of the fact that she adores Gabriel in spite of their cold relationship. Prior in their marriage, Divina discovers that she can’t hold up under kids.

They receive Eric, however their relationship does not improve. Unexpectedly, when Gabriel discovers that he has a girl with Letitia, he brings the tyke, presently a youngster beginning at College, to live in the chateau and accounts her through school. Everybody accept she is his ill-conceived kid. Divina is angry however must choose between limited options and is compelled to acknowledge the nearness of Ella in their lives. 10 years after her child Eric kicks the bucket and not long after Ella bites the dust from Cancer, Divina meets Mikmik. As much as she loathes the kid: a token of Ella’s authenticity and triumph over her, she plans to control her expired spouse’s granddaughter Mikmik is an advantage and pawn to be utilized against her adversary David Villaluna, who still doesn’t realize that Mikmik is Michael’s little girl.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit ABS-CBN

Divina is likewise very much aware of the way that Mikmik stands to share the legacy of the Salvador riches if reality with regards to Ella’s authenticity is uncovered. Mindful that it is just a short time before David finds that Divina’s marriage is invalid and that Mikmik is sole real beneficiary to the Salvador domain, she plans to win the tyke’s warmth and to lawfully embrace her so she can control the assets. Things reach a critical stage when Katrina finds her appropriation plan. While Katrina plans with David, Divina effectively isolates Ruth and Benjie away from Mikmik with exaggerated charges and after that utilizations Joseph to cause them to consent to leave Mikmik with her. Divina burns through no time constraining Mikmik to consent to her selection.

Her procedure reverse discharges when the family staff collaborate to secure Mikmik. Her terrorizing strategies don’t work with them particularly when Mikmik’s security is in danger. Two staff members recorded tyke misuse protests. More awful, David Villaluna at long last finds Mikmik is Michael’s girl. David presumes her actual intentions to take the Salvador from Mikmik, that Ella’s mom is his lawful spouse, and Mikmik is the genuine beneficiary. At the clinic while the youngsters are recovering after their seizing trial, the Social Welfare official prompts Divina that the reception procedure is at a stop as she faces kid misuse allegations recorded against her and the court anticipates the DNA testing and aftereffects of Michael and Mikmik. Michael demonstrates his paternity and assumes control over the guardianship.

As Divina thinks about her best course of action, she is stunned when Mikmik hands over the Marriage Certificate to her, in the desires for harmony and compromise inside the two families. Divina quickly consumes the declaration and the dread of losing her status quiets her down as she encounters a revelation or some likeness thereof. Before her child’s grave, she concedes her annoyance has driven her to vindicate, however a similar outrage breaks up with Mikmik’s sacrificial demonstration. Worried for her grandkids, she permits Mikmik to reconnect with Brittany, yet it’s progressively troublesome with Amber who keeps on harboring outrageous disdain towards Mikmik.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Michael

Michael is David Villaluna’s oldest child, prepared to acquire his dad’s steel manufacture industry. He is straightforward and kind, as he is attractive, and his father’s top pick. David loathes his second child James, accepting he is a result of an issue. The disastrous breakdown of the Salvador building makes a contention inside the Villalunas, as both Michael and James question their dad’s reluctance to give reward towards the casualties of the disaster, and question him on the claims that they utilized sub-par quality materials during the development. Michael does not favor of his dad’s strategic approaches and advises his dad that he needs to leave the organization.

His more youthful sibling, James, is increasingly disposed to dominate yet David rejects his acquiescence. Around a similar time, Michael experiences passionate feelings for Ella, yet their mystery relationship is uncovered by Katrina. Michael goes to her guide when she is tossed out of the Salvador chateau by an irate Divina. In the mean time, Eric Salvador finds Ella’s authenticity and attempts to advise her, however Michael and Eric trade hot words outside the Villaluna house as they accuse each other for Ella’s ejection from the Salvadors. A battle results and Eric is incidentally shot and slaughtered during the fight.

Michael assumes the fault and is charged and in this way condemned to jail. Michael serves his time as a model detainee, and David attempts to utilize his impact to get a parole for his child. Divina battles to have his paroles rejected. One night Michael puts his life hanging in the balance when he stops a jail break and spares a jail watch. This gains him a congressional acquittal when the law implementation and the network request for his discharge. While Michael is in jail, he is uninformed that Ella surrenders to Cancer or that he has a kid with her. He searches for her after his discharge and is crushed when he learns of her passing. Consistent with their guarantee to Ella, Ruth and Lola Esther keep Ella’s pregnancy and along these lines her tyke, a mystery. Their ways cross when Michael spares Mikmik from risk.

The pair bond, uninformed that they are father and little girl. Not very long after, Michael speculates that Mikmik might be his girl. Both he and James research and finds her introduction to the world endorsement in the open vault. As he attempts to recover Mikmik, Divina blocks his endeavors and takes steps to send him back to imprison for damaging parole. Unflinching by Divina’s domineering jerk strategies, and the subsequent turmoil at the Salvador when the two youngsters were grabbed, Michael seeks after every single legitimate alternative to guarantee fatherly rights. In an enthusiastic gathering at the clinic, he is at last presented as her dad, and when the last DNA results affirmed his paternity, he took his girl home. His dad considers this to be a chance to settle the score with Divina.

He aligns with Katrina to take the marriage testament. Things get warmed up when he assaults Ruth during a discussion that turned forceful, coming about to Michael’s immediately banishing his dad from the house. The fight heightens while the youngsters endure the results of the ill will between the families. Golden won’t acknowledge Mikmik and endures post awful pressure. Brittany is restricted from seeing Mikmik and Joseph. Mikmik, seeing the endless clash, approaches her dad for reality and Michael discloses everything to her. She requests that her dad carry her to Divina so she can give her the testament.

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Grace

Pinoy TV Channel Show Nang Ngumiti ang Langit actor Divina enlisted Grace as her attendant in the Salvador’s Mansion. Divina’s lawyer lifted her up after Divina enlisted her. Elegance was anxious that she nearly lost her wrist trinket on the landing in the Salvador’s manor. In the Episode “Buking”, which meant English truly implies that “truth is set free”,Grace is invited by Mikmik and is offered for Dinner with them. As Katrina attempts to prevent her from doing as such, Ruth at that point settles the decision and gives Grace a chance to remain with Mikmik’s assistance. The scene slices and goes to Divina and Atty. Sandejas knowing reality that Grace is the main observer of the altering of the DNA trial of Micheal and Amber.

They at that point continue to gather with Katrina so as to slaughter her as Sandejas had said:”No-one needs to think about this, and assuming this is the case, we’ll get captured.” Subsequent to eating with the family, Grace at that point hurrily attempts to leave. Ruth at that point stops her and comes to the heart of the matter and gets some information about the Tampering and about Llhoyd. Elegance at that point tells everything and inquires as to whether she, Micheal and Mikmik can help on the off chance that they can get supporting proof that it may be them three that are behind the altering. Ruth rapidly informs Micheal regarding this, and he consents to do as such by visiting Llhoyd’s significant other.

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