Pinoy Channel Ang Probinsyano Episodes history and Story

Ang Probinsyano Plot

Ang probinsyano story tells that Ador is a model cop committed to the targets of the PNP: Service, Honor and Justice. He is regarded by his territory and especially adored by his family and friends. Notwithstanding, Ador all of a sudden evaporates in a police development against human overseeing. His significant other, youthful adolescent and his grandma are concerned. His unmatched uncovers to them that he is genuinely hurt and recouping in a protected house. Seven days after, Ador comes back to his family and responsibility. Everybody around him feels that he carries on in an unexpected manner. There are occasions in the past he can’t recollect and he does things he isn’t balanced with do.

Ador’s friends and family attempted to get a handle on this is brought about by harm from the past experience. In any case, what they can’t deny is that Ador is beginning at now dead. In like manner, the individual living with them is his missing twin family, Kardo. Kardo is requested to acknowledge his kinfolk’s circumstance to discover who is behind the human overseeing syndicate and discard a couple of cops tying down it. Ador makes this his own one of a kind guideline target to offer an incentive to his twin kinfolk’s ruin. Regardless, how will Kardo win on the off chance that he needs to go facing old damages?

On the off chance that he is well ordered beginning to look all starry looked toward at his family’s life partner and he is understanding how to be a dad to his kinfolk’s adolescent? At last, Kardo should come clean to ensure his acclimatized family and pass on an incentive to Ador’s end.

Season 1

Pinoy channel ang probinsyano story rotates around the experience of twins Dominador Ador de Leon and Ricardo Cardo Dalisay who were bound from one another amidst their youth by uprightness of money related reasons. The twins both looked for after the consecrated strategy for their dad, and progressed toward getting the opportunity to be cops. Ador enters the PNPA and meets Carmen, the sister of his partner, Billy. Ador weds Carmen; she conveys Dominador Junior de Leon, Jr. Ador changes into a distinguishable and regarded CIDG police official in Manila, Philippines. Obviously, Cardo, who loves the constrainment of the mountains of Botolan, Zambales, grows up with his youth closest accomplice, Glen, who really lean towards him.

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The two enter the police power and Cardo changes into a SAF official. Their lives take an abrupt turn when Ador is tricked and butchered by Joaquin. General Delfin Borja orders Cardo to envision Ador’s personality and proceed with the mission that his late kinfolk gave up. As a critical piece of his central target, Cardo is obliged to proclaim to be Ador before his kinfolk’s family and mates; and reunites with grandma, Flora, whom he seriously disdains. After his spread is blown, Cardo uncovers himself and reunites with his family. He is reassigned to the CIDG and handles particular cases.

Season 2

Tomas Tuazon, Joaquin’s dad, is uncovered as the pioneer of the solution syndicate that Cardo fights. Wear Emilio hopes to get Tomas kept; thusly, Tomas is over the long haul gotten by methods for Cardo in a remedy sting, and is subsequently indicted. To strike back, Don Emilio and Joaquin design up Cardo for unlawful solution ownership. Wear Emilio then uncovers to Cardo that Tomas murdered his sister-in-law, Carmen. As Tomas endeavors to make tracks in a contrary heading from the restorative office, Cardo and Tomas have an encounter which results in Tomas’ passing. Under Joaquin’s back, Director Guillermo Acosta makes detain life logically irksome for Cardo.

Cardo escapes restorative office and guarantees to show his genuineness. Joaquin sincere on getting Cardo, gets Benny and haggled to slaughter his family in the event that he doesn’t cooperate. Benny reluctantly drove Joaquin’s men to Cardo’s fortress yet he was butchered when he took the shot went for Cardo by Greg After Benny was executed, Cardo countered for his passing by murdering Greg, his CIDG sidekicks got up to speed with him and let him escape. With his flight, he joins Ramil Chairman Taduran and Julian Valerio who work for the Cebu based drug syndicate of Romano Official Recio, an accessory of Joaquin, to trim the syndicate down. Obscure to Cardo, the syndicate who incorporated him up is the syndicate responsible for the passings of his friends and family, including Ador.

Wear Emilio is gotten by methods for Cardo and summoned for the wrongdoing Cardo’s dad, SPO4 Pablo de Leon. Joaquin is uncovered as Ador’s killer. Joaquin was later butchered by methods for Cardo after the past stunners the last’s wedding with Alyana. Worth is at last served for Ador, Pablo, Carmen, and a large portion of the misfortunes of Joaquin, Tomas, and Don Emilio.

Season 3

Be that as it may, gave up from the police compel, Cardo wraps up a vigilante as the nation manages the peril of a dynamic social event, Pulang Araw driven by Romulo Dumagit pseudonym Leon. Pulang Araw is being encased by National Defense Agency Director Renato Hipolito, a Pulang Araw sleeper-master codenamed Buwitre, to raise his profile and parlay his introduction into a Senate work. Hipolito uses Major Manolo Catindig to contact a savage assembling inside Pulang Araw, Kamandag, driven by Homer Adlawan nom de plume, to make shows out of fear based maltreatment. After the demise of Cardo’s single adolescent Ricky Boy amidst one of Alakdan’s bombings, Cardo comes back to benefit in his excellent point of confinement as a PNP-SAF trooper.

Cardo discovers beginning achievement in combatting past Pulang Araw individuals used by Hipolito to raise pummeling comparatively as getting Pulang Araw’s camp in Mt. Arayat. As Fernan joins various missions of Pulang Araw, his affirmation about the instigator all out rapidly change, understanding that their picture to people when in doubt depend upon falsehoods and carefully masterminded smear battle by Director Hipolito. Back in Manila, the deliberate introduction anecdotes about Cardo and Pulang Araw overpowers Cardo’s family, conflictingly affecting their lives. Gossipy treats spread about Cardo’s survival and acknowledged slipping off into Pulang Araw, a story which Director Hipolito and Major Catindig benefits by to pulverize Cardo’s validity, decimate his disguise and peril his flourishing.

ang probinsyano

At the camp, Cardo in addition needs to regulate sidekick contentions ascending out of Alakdan and a greedy Anton del Mundo false name Tigre, both want on defaming Cardo or uncovering him as a fake. In the wake of structure up that Pulang Araw isn’t behind the shows of mental oppression, he endeavors to win the trust of Alakdan to enter Kamandag. In the meantime, he finds that dela Paz and Velasco are held detainee and enables them escape from the hands of Pulang Araw. He lets them know of his revelation that Kamandag is ensured by a dim government official who is contorting affirmations to slander Pulang Araw. Velasco and dela Paz fathoms that Kamandag’s defender is moreover crushing Cardo. They hold a request and answer session ordering Cardo’s demolition while trying to escape from Pulang Araw with them to guarantee his spread.

Cardo wins Alakdan’s trust and sends him to Manila to take out Director Hipolito’s fiercest adversary in the senate race, Senator Mateo F. de Silva by exploding a bomb among the social affair just before de Silva reports his course of action. Cardo deals with the impedance without exploding a bomb, and hardly escapes de Silva and his men. The next day, Cardo ambushes Kamandag to vindicate the passing of his youth, sending a hurt Alakdan and the straggling scraps of Kamandag crushing. Cardo then teaches Pulang Araw regarding the unfaithfulness and shows of mental mistreatment that Alakdan executed.

To help his review assessments, Director Hipolito figures out how to get out Pulang Araw and requesting a strike on their stronghold in Mt. Karagao. The going with learning that outcomes in the passings of Lawin, Lena and Lena’s child, Emman, prompts Leon’s disclosure that Cardo is a SAF part. Cardo and Leon set out to combine so as to chop down Alakdan.

Season 4

Season 4 of Ang probinsyano By and by, Senator Mateo de Silva is uncovered as a street medicate authority who drew financing from Don Emilio in return for verifying the inversion of the last’s conviction and a stake in de Silva’s medicine area. De Silva thusly joins the interest for Pulang Araw to make up for lost time to Hipolito in the examinations, both looking best spot to hook the task for the Presidency of the Philippines. Bert is later executed by Sen. de Silva’s convicts after the last declined to uncover Pulang Araw’s whereabouts.

Regine and her family Bruno moves in with Pulang Araw. In the wake of visiting his dead tyke’s grave, Don Emilio and his accomplices catch and torment Cardo in a limited island called Isla Muert. Ramil and a touch of Cardo’s detainee mates learn of Cardo’s rub and devise a course of action to save him. Getting in contact at the island, they enough extra Cardo in any case two buddies, Julian and Gener are slaughtered. In the going with gunfight, Cardo shoots and executes BuCor Director Ladronio, one of the all inclusive community who helped Don Emilio torment him. With the remaining parts of Cardo’s accessories from jail and the persevering individuals from Pulang Araw, Cardo shapes the vigilante store up Vendetta.

Quarrel began their course of action to pulverize Don Emilio’s and Sen. de Silva’s solution research centers. They reasonably finished the activities of two medication explore workplaces, leaving nobody alive. Regardless, Bruno was then gotten by obscure men, and Vendetta were not practical in protecting him, instigating his passing. His mom, Dulce, repels Vendetta for his passing. Quarrel found another adversary in Mayor Jethro Garrido, who pitches medications to understudies, some of which in like way moving remedies from him. City hall pioneer Garrido set up a show quickening understudies to quit consuming medications. Quarrel found about the orchestrated show, so Cardo formed a course of action for them to get in.

They camouflaged as a band valuing the show, named Vengaboys. They won in the contention of the social affairs, and were praised by Mayor Garrido. Unbeknownst to him, they are a vigilante crowd who plan on chopping him down. In the wake of giving them drugs, Cardo went up against Mayor Garrido, activating a shootout. Cardo later shot Mayor Garrido to death. Regardless, after feasibly chopping down the medication works out, Cardo understood his inadequacies to his life partner. He didn’t understand that Alyana was nearly gotten in the show. Right when Alyana would have been stole, her office boss, Marco Cabrera, came at last to spare her from the cheat. Alyana then said a last farewell to Cardo.

Unbeknownst to her, Major Catindig found a couple of arrangements concerning the course of action at any rate didn’t understand that it was Cardo. In the structure, when Diana was chasing down Cardo, Manolo and his men discovered her first and cornered her. They effectively shot Diana, yet they didn’t understand that Cardo was limited from everything. Cardo then spared Diana and passed on her to Vendetta’s post. After General Olegario was all around rested, she expected to return to the NMIG. As she returned to her home, Diana was gotten by Cantindig’s men.

Battle looked for after her early and acted the holy person Olegario. When they returned her to their base, she joined Vendetta, seeing a chance to get an incentive for her tyke, who was executed in the strip shopping center amidst the Alakdan bombings. Hatred at long last puts a stop to Don Emilio and Sen. De Silva’s errands and they set their sights next on Director Hipolito and Kamandag. At that point, Alyana regards Marco’s advances and begins an association with him, a lot to the overpower of the last’s close-by relative, Menchu Versoza.

Season 5

Ang probinsyano season 5 has Marco officially familiarizes Alyana with whatever is left of the Cabrera Family. Marco’s stepbrother, by then Congressman Brandon Cabrera is relentless of the match’s relationship. On the other hand, the Vice President of the Philippines, Lucas Cabrera, is stressed over how his kid’s relationship with Alyana will unfairly impact his idea for the Presidency in the accompanying choice. His life accomplice, the Second Lady Catherine Cabrera, fakes affirmation of Alyana, if just to anticipate Marco from having a fit. Unbeknownst to General Olegario, her secretary, James, was trailed by Major Catindig.

Quarrel bear the strike on their stronghold anyway to the detriment of both Kalabaw and Jimboy who yielded themselves to make their escape. In the midst of the attack, Director Hipolito connected to before long cut down Romulo, seeing an opportunity to raise his profile again. In any case, Romulo perseveres through his wounds and is instantly brought by the CIDG in a recuperating focus where he laid in essential condition. In any case, Hipolito makes sense of how to wrest control of the supervision of Romulo from CIDG and Vendetta must race against time to isolate Romulo from the grip of Director Hipolito.

In the mean time, Marco powers Alyana to marry him without needing to regardless of his father and his increasingly seasoned kin’s disapprovement and undermines her he will submit suicide while seeming savage direct towards her and leave. Since Alyana didn’t answer most of Marco’s calls, his vehicle inadvertently crushed on the truck, about butchering him. In the wake of sparing Andy’s mother and exchange women named Blossom, Marigold, Hasmin, Rose and Dalia, Andy joins Vendetta to defend Romulo at the facility before long sought after by her kin, her mother and the pioneers. At the mending office, Romulo was visited by Oscar who has to know a couple of answers about Hipolito’s degradation which Romulo tells him all that it happened and he begins to depleted his organization rule a great deal incredibly.

Exactly when the masters lights up Lucas, Brandon and Catherine that Marco is fine after the heap up as they battle because of Marco needed a wedding with Alyana disregarding she was not revoked. Lucas and Brandon expected to stop Marco’s wedding as Lucas finds another way to deal with stop this furor by affecting a record from the head of inward relations to put his significant other to enter the convention. Andy and the others viably exhorts Cardo and the others in how to spare Romulo on account of being seriously ensured by the security including the experts as they make a strategy. At any rate Alakdan enlightens Hipolito about Catindig’s own focal objective to cut down Romulo including Vendetta as he calls Alakdan and his get-together are irrelevant troublemakers. As Alyana visits Marco at the mending office, he was peppy and more fixation to be with her.

Regardless, he indignantly has a fit of rage when his pro instructed him that his treatment is over as Alyana witnesses his unpleasant direct. When they are going to take their method to shield Romulo, it was exasperates by Catindig and his men ambushing each genuine lives including the authorities at the specialist’s office to execute Romulo. Understanding that Andy is in threat, Vendetta is constrained to strike Catindig’s social affair to defend them. Quarrel cuts down most of Catindig’s men as Cardo infiltrates to shield Romulo and Andy from Catinding and his men who makes a total accident inside the specialist’s office. They winning in their primary objective and executed Catindig, yet the PNP endeavored to get Cardo and his partners as well, anyway without a lot of any outcome, since they escaped.

Hipolito endeavors to call Catindig, not understanding that he kicked the pail. While Marco is recovering at the specialist’s office, Alyana got the annulment papers sent by him as he called her in a happy manner. Her mother was sprightly about Marco being with her daughter yet Alyana is unsure to sign the nullification papers in the wake of thinking about his furious lead. Therefore, his stepbrother Brandon wound up related with weapons conveying in which he had found that Alakdan remains in contact with Hipolito while he got paid for the conveyed firearms. Hipolito is constrained to use Alakdan and his social occasion since his right-hand man Catinding and his get-together were killed by means of Cardo and his vigilante bundle as Alakdan’s get-together top in as his back-off.

Right when General Borja sent two of Cardo’s past comrades to look about Vendetta’s safehouse, the neighbors wound up suspicious to their appearance just to alert Andy’s mother about their authentic proximity as police officers. She uncovers to Cardo that she and the others will oversee them. Ensuing to winning concerning redirecting the two covered cops, Vendetta makes sense of how to take Andy to the recuperating office security. Then, Lucas and Brandon are quickly proposing to cut down Hipolito in the wake of revealing he was responsible for letting Catindig and his men makes a flat out accident at the specialist’s office before being executed through Cardo and his vigilante gathering.

After the battle between the two political skirmishes of both Oscar and Lucas, he and Brandon really meets Hipolito acknowledging he is one of Lucas’ social event people in his campaign. Notwithstanding his expect to reveal Hipolito’s pollution in the midst of their own social occasion, Hipolito finally explains his reasons why he diverted into the person from Pulang Araw in his adolescence close by his adversary Romulo whom he causes him in his very harmed state. He was later sent in Manila to consider authoritative issues while Romulo transformed into the pioneer of Pulang Araw and this is the way by which he was in the present where he chops down the extreme assembling viably as a Defense Secretary until the moment that he leaves to continue running for congressperson while continuing with his expects to chop down his foe Romulo who is as of now driving the vigilante total Vendetta.

Resulting to thinking about Hipolito’s story, Lucas helped Hipolito’s longing to finish up a target. At the point when Vendetta shield various people acts like call center administrators found in the news, Marco ended up being unbelievably burning as he indignantly has a fit on Alyana feeling that notwithstanding she loves Cardo as his ruthless direct is found by her people. Alyana’s father Teddy irately rebukes Marco for seriously mishandling Alyana and he furiously undermines him that paying little respect to whether he is his daughter’s lover or his young lady’s cutting-edge life accomplice, he will never let him asserted his young lady.

This hazard causes Marco to officially apologize to Alyana who is at present stunned and troubled from his awful direct. Lucas later uses another game plan. He renumerated and coerced William Celerio, SAP to Oscar to do his offering, including disturbing the race throwing a poll machines. William caught the gatekeeper, butchering all race officials and warriors by then used a developer to fix the VCMs. Regardless, Vendetta got the troop and executed the men who secures it. Brandon meanwhile kidnaps Alano then tormented him to compel him to change himself to Hipolito and Lucas, yet he remained strong. Resentment later shielded him and harming Brando. Alano later says on live TV that Brandon tormented him.

Precisely when the deterioration paper got together on Cardo, he seizes Alyana and passed on her to a spot where his past mate lived. In the interim, Marco with his unhinged intellectual capacities seeks after Cardo. Alyana fit with Cardo after she encountered an awful dream which in Cardo was executed by Marco himself. Battle then attempted to oust data about William Celerio’s dedication, at any rate bombed when Homer and the police sniffed their arrangements and William got killed by Pinuno. Cardo charms his previous existence accomplice Alyana and he winning concerning doing everything considered, yet his test was as Tanggol and later his inexorably arranged kinfolk Baldo who instructs Tanggol about his perceptions.

He comes back to Manila to tell their families that they were obliged, at any rate a test faced them. As they go to the Vendetta cover, his granduncle and President Oscar’s believed general induced a synchronous attack on the compound, with Homer and Hipolito’s men and Marco’s goons in like way on them, by virtue of General Terantes ratting them to Cabrera. A firefight occurs, which slaughtered Barakuda and Happy passes on of blood fiasco. Marco passed on when Cardo counterattacked and fled to Wangbu’s family. As they fled, they took 2 cops, Soriano and Girona with them. Wangbu’s cousin, a vet treated their injuries, in any case question rose when the past Pulang Araw individuals and manager suspected the police officers will rodent them out.

Loads were high, yet Cardo guaranteed whatever is left of the general population to trust in them, as they confided in Diana. VP Lucas Cabrera, tense for his child Brandon, affected his course of action of anticipating control over Hidalgo’s condition, with Terantes’ goons, they endeavored to butcher Oscar on their homecoming on Camilo de Santiago University. The ace marksman fizzled and executed by Harold, Oscar’s PSG head. He later kicked the bucket when he verified his supervisor. Regardless, Terantes has plans, he sent the majority of his men secured or not to strike the spot, Oscar and the rule family fled, yet they were blocked by an increasingly important proportion of the instigator general’s men. Quarrel repulses them, yet a large portion of PSG and police officers passed on. Yohan and Gracie was hit, yet they were looked for after.

Cardo tailed them and guaranteed the President, who was hurt close to the straggling remains of his family, and took him to Wangbu’s home. Yohan and Gracie kicked the bucket on section, with their mom flops horribly of wounds, leaving the most settled young woman unaware. Wangbu’s cousin and Diana treated the President’s injuries. Terante butchers and expends one of his gofers as affirmation to impact individuals to believe that Oscar was executed by Vendetta. Hidalgo, in the wake of getting careful, scrutinized Vendetta for the majority of the encroachment they made, including the catch that executed his family. He tended to them and attempted to get away, in any case was cornered by Vendetta. He took Wangbu prisoner, fled Vendetta’s alcove and went to his family’s wake, yet was found by Cabrera.


Oscar was looked for after by a couple cops recognizing he was in peril and he legitimately thinks who side he was on until the point that he was saved by methods for Cardo and his party while they crash Terante’s men in a downpour of shots before leaving the premises. Oscar at last apologizes to Cardo for tending to them as enemies and for his rash direct which Cardo merrily perceives and consoles him that he was alive. The Vendetta suitably saved Aubrey from their catch plot and being joined with her dad.

Season 6

Pinoy channel produces 6th season of Ang probinsyano. The Vendetta at long last triumphs the trust of Oscar Hidalgo after the last finds the ulterior technique for thinking of Lucas Cabrera. Hidalgo now swings to Vendetta to reestablish him back to the association and right all the off-base that Cabrera would like to perform with his freshly discovered power. After the unlawful catch of General Borja before seeing him to discover Vendetta’s whereabouts, they encouraged a gathering adjacent Lucas and Brandon Cabrera at the PNP Headquarters and one of Lucas’ assistants Albert Fernandez was lifted by Lucas to wrap up his VP as PNP Chief Alejandro Terante ended up maddened because of Renato Hipolito’s negative comments.

Notwithstanding General Borja’s torment and butchering one of the missing scholars to undermining him to talk about Cardo’s whereabouts from one of Terante’s get-together, Terante and his watch were cornered by Vendetta as Cardo understands how to shot Terante to the chest, really hurting him. Expected to possess their hands, Terante shows to the vigilante store up at the protected house where General Borja was being held detainee. Right when Cardo effectively safeguarded his granddad from his grip, Terante himself took Wangbu as a prisoner recognizing he was an excess of fragile and undermines both Alyana and Bubbles by gunpoint.

Terante at first never trusted in her, until the minute that she said that even President Hidalgo was there. He managed a strike compel and obliged Brandon. In the interim, Hipolito will meet the owner of the mines, Don Gustavo, which was uncovered to be Don Emilio himself, who drive forward through the dispute among him and Vendetta in Baguio. He was spared by a senior and taught him mining and obtained the affiliation. He was hurt and blinded on the fight.

Terante and Brandon went there to execute every one of them as their rule goal tumbled on cornering Vendetta on the compound, Terante was insulted upon by the Cabreras, and Hipolito would trade out the recommendation. Meanwhile, Bong shoots Aling Rosa and her sweetheart to death in countering for giving Vendetta’s zone away, sending the police into managing the strike that came about the passings of Lolo Efren, Lola Melba, Marie and her kin, leaving Patrick to scramble toward the pro’s office and after that to Sto. Nino with Vendetta. While Don Gustavo was drawn closer by his secretary for something, uncovering that they should disconnect important stones. They went to Santo Nino to mine it. He obliged Homer’s get-together. The two met on Gustavo’s place and did what should have been finished. The association will get half offer and they will disregard the infringement Gustavo’s activities will cause.

Meanwhile, Homer sees Gustavo as Don Emilio, the person who battered him for cornering him with the medication bargain. JP and Teddy proceeded with their campaign against Cabrera, the last went to get together a couple police officers that detested Terante’s standard, yet obscure to them, a mole embedded by General Marquez tells his mind-boggling who Juan Verdad’ is. JP meanwhile was procured by his past educator and he got together two or three understudies who are understudy activists. They made backings on Quezon Memorial Circle, the Palace and any place, Terante scattering them unfailingly.

Teddy was imperiled by a specialist professional killer from ‘Juan Verdads posts. Brandon’s capacity staggering proceeds with resulting to plasticizing with fallen police officers’ families, he went to a bar, yet he squashed a security guarantee that simply interceded. The man point by point the insidiousness unto Mayor Adonis with Marge’s assistance. Nevertheless, Mayor Adonis was risked by the Vice President and DILG secretary about neglecting Brandon’s issue with Mang Kanor. The 2 police officers who continually frequented Konsehala Gina’s carinderia, took Marge’s sack. They quick and dirty it on the station, yet the police does nothing. Furthermore, the VP and DILG secretary undermined Adonis in the event that he makes issues further.

Baldo took the associations of another criminal manager, Gapon. Tyson and his men spotted Bubbles and exchange ladies washing pieces of attire. The social event attempted to snare her, when Jerome and Rigor went to the shield, at any rate battered by Tyson’s pack, yet not until Aubrey cautioned Vendetta about what’s going on. They secured the ladies and pushed the pack away. After the issue, they went to the Barangay Captain, which the town head settled upon Vendetta helping the tanods on their watch. Hipolito and Terante’s quarrel about the past’s errand of mines and Lucas Cabrera’s endorsing went as far as possible. Homer recommends managing the PNP Chief, while Terante intends to take out Hipolito unequivocally.

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