Pinoy TV Channel Show “Halik” Story and Cast

Halik Pinoy Channel TV Show Synopsis

Halik looks for after the account of two couples whose social affiliations are destroyed by allurement, uneasiness, mistaken assumptions, and other relationship issues. This long winded teleserye looks for after the lives of two venerated partners, Jacky Montefalco and Lino Bartolome, bound together by enduring quality for each other and a huge relationship with one another’s families, torn secluded by a malicious man and afterward pushed together by an insensitive spot of destiny, broken affirmations and inappropriate behavior. Jacky is the beneficiary of MonteCorp Furniture, an unmistakable furniture foundation in the Philippines and Asia.

She is the guideline young woman of Mauro and Loida Montefalco, undeniable individuals from high society in the nation and owners of MonteCorp. Jacky alters at a blessed time that she isn’t the typical offspring of the man she thought was her dad. In any case, she throbs for her responsive dad’s certification. Mauro Montefalco is a fulfilled and wanton man who executes his life partner’s beloved, and raises her young woman as his genuine youngster. This is the degree that his magnanimity goes as he is unfathomably savage and gaudy to his young woman. Disregarding the manner in which that he stays aware of the steadfast appearances to spare his face, he despises his young woman and bearings his indignation on the Bartolome family and makes it his beginning and end eating up motivation to slash them down.

It is through Agustin that Loida meets her sweetheart, Robert Oliva. Loida is the continuing on sidekick of the extreme and grave Mauro. The couple end up being wretchedly charmed. Loida attempts to relinquish her better half to join Robert in any case he is murdered by Mauro. Jacky is the consequence of their relationship.


Pinoy Channel tv Show Halik is not complete without MonteCorp. MonteCorp, from the outset Ybanez Furniture of Cebu, is a famous furniture affiliation set up by the Ybanez family, Loida’s kin. The affiliation works with family sidekick and furniture fashioner, Gustin Bartolome, whose forefront signs are getting enthusiasm for the market. Right when Mauro acknowledge order over the reins of Ybanez Furniture after his in-laws leave, he keeps Agustin in his utilization, by goodness of his ability in furniture structure. A long time later and rebranded as MonteCorp, the affiliation ventures into the Asian market, yet their money related improvement and achievement are ruined by his abuse of his products laborers.

halik pinoy tv channel show

Neither does he offer credit to his coordinators for their signs. In a work difficulty with his specialists, Gustin Bartolome is butchered in a suspicious stockroom fire. Mauro takes Gustin’s portfolio, an exhausted delineate book containing various diagrams of furniture that have not yet been executed, all separate by the coordinator and focused on his family. It is this draw book that Gustin was looking for when the flame began in the age line’s putting away and lost his life. Agustin’s passing outcomes to a confining of ways and sharpness between the Bartolomes and the Montefalcos. Doubtlessly, even Lino’s and Jacky’s relationship does not continue on through the hardship between the two families, hindered by Mauro’s endeavors to isolate them.

The juvenile closest partners and auxiliary school sweethearts go separate ways. A long time pass Agustin’s child, Lino gets his dad’s tasteful innovative vitality and before long builds up an enrichments game plan assemble called Dos Disenyos. His forefront, smart forward plans get the eye of the more youthful market and he changes into an authentic contender to MonteCorp‘s bit of the pie. Be that as it may, the pitilessness of his family’s incorporation with the Montefalcos remains. Lino is sure MonteCorp’s flourishing begins from his dad’s precious plans at any rate can’t show it by goodness of the missing portfolio.

Before the awful flame that took his dad’s life, Lino experienced different years watching his dad draw as he cleared up each structure subtleties and the motivation driving them. It is this private learning of his dad’s structures that Lino can see his dad’s precious depictions among MonteCorp’s regard winning pieces. He besides relates Mauro is in charge with his dad’s defeat.

Lino and Jade

A long time later Lino begins to look all starry looked toward at a decided lady, Jade Flores while his enhancements plant and studio Dos Disenyos takes off. His structures are making waves, pulling in the worldwide and a certainly present day feature. In the skirt of achievement, Lino is having issues at home. Bewildered with Lino considering his logically far away family, Jade yearns for their very own exceptional spot, independent from her in-laws and any inexorably blocked off family. Making them live in their home bothers Jade. This changes into a bone of dispute between the couple. Pinoy tv Channel Show Halik lifted to the new heights by the addition of Lino and Jade.

The Affair

By a serious spot of destiny, Lino and Jacky’s lives influence again when their life assistants, Jade and Ace, end up caught in a shameful affair. In the mean time, Jacky’s mother flops horribly from a to the degree anyone understands self executed gunfire to her chest, which Jacky rots to recognize. Truly, Jacky’s inquiries are not far-removed when it is uncovered that Mauro shot Loida in a strike of fierceness, when Loida discloses to him she is at last forsaking him. Mauro impacts the Coroner to counterfeit the after death assessment results. Loida leaves a suicide note yet changes her supposition when she comprehends she can’t invigorate her young woman on the off chance that she relinquishes her. Days before her planned suicide, she restores Gustin’s missing portfolio to Lino and his family.


What’s more, after quite a while of asking her little girl to respect and stick by her father, she gives Jacky consent to liberate herself from her grave father. Jacky is astounded by her mother’s obvious suicide at any rate her passing leaves Jacky with a more prominent stake in MonteCorp, a seat in the store up and a basic state in the affiliation. This licenses Jacky the opportunity to leave from her father without wrangling her possession in the firm. It’s a freeing asset that Jacky uses to battle for what is correct and shield her successive development framework laborers and workers from her father’s amazing work misuse. Be that as it may, it is problematic in Halik PinoyChannel tv Show.

They reliably shock heads on two or three specialist relations issues, while Ace and his family Corpuz unite with another cash related master with a verifiable pernicious motivation up their sleeves: the complete whipping of the Bartolomes and Dos Disenyos, the pulverization of Mauro and Jacky. In the mean time, both Jacky and Lino experience the heaviest key in their particular social affiliations, the incredible disclosure of their life associates’ affair, with results going to far past their private circle. As Mauro expands his reprisal against Lino with naughty mischievous methodology and mechanical riddle works out, Jacky uses whatever clout she has in the relationship to obliterate her father’s arrangements.

Beat and broke over Ace’s moving out, she understands how to battle back and shows Ace out of their home. Lino in like way battles back, utilizing real methods and his reasonable conviction that reality will pass on his father’s ruin to esteem. Totally beat over Jade’s moving out, Lino battles to vanquish his affections for her and spotlights on revealing the substances about his loved one’s unfaithfulness and about his father’s defeat.

The Aftermath

Pinoy tv Show Halik covers the massive aftermath of the affair and its repercussions. As progressively supported bits of information and embarrassments are uncovered, the two deluded life associates, Lino and Jacky, join to pass on Mauro and his accomplices to esteem, figure with their particular mates and attempt to close the ghastly territories of their past. It is inconvenient, their endeavors are overflowing with foul play and bad form. Precisely when Mauro continues on through a stroke, Ace and his father collaborate to expect control MonteCorp. Jacky idea about the issue: help her father who ousted her beginning and end through as long as she can remember and extra the affiliation developed by her grandparents or play Judas on the comprehensive network who give her so much distress.

Halik-pinoy channel tv show

Dismissing the constant achievement of Dos Disenyos, Lino and Jacky in like way confront new inconveniences a making relationship among Lino and Jacky is cluttered by Jade’s pregnancy and the DNA test that seems to admit Lino’s paternity. For Lino, another adoration intrigue comes into Jacky’s reality, dazing him, offering move to need. Jade’s pregnancy is shaky, so he takes her in light of the manner in which that he feels in charge of who he recognizes is his youngster.

Jade comprehends her staggers and attempts her best to compensate for her terrible structure, at any rate Lino reveals to her it is past the last defining moment. This story is a definite and authentic depiction of the difficulties of marriage, mental maltreatment and broken affiliations.

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