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About the Show

Shin Young-joo is an alluring female area supervisor cop who is energized in her calling. With her family resisting budgetary troubles, she needs to experience the decimation and pay responsibilities for her family. She talks fierce, yet shows up something like a pinch of keenness of gold. Lee Dong-joon is a hopeful tip top judge, astonishing despised and disapproving, and has a limit with respect to sensitive individuals who needs a listening ear. Them two solidify relationship to reveal security industry corruption at Taebaek, the country’s most noticeable law office, which ends up being a champion among the best stun ever

Whisper Cast

Lee Bo-Young

Lee Bo-Young started her employment in the business with winning the Daejeon section for the Miss Korea significance expo in 2000. Having inspected Korean sythesis at Seoul Women’s University, she from the outset hurt for changing into a news judge. She was one of 15 finalists in MBC’s yearly determination drive in 2002, in any case curved up not landing the position. Rather, she swung to outlining, and was picked as the restrictive publicizing model for Asiana Airlines, contemplated a passageway to qualification. Lee made her acting presentation in 2003, and among her hidden businesses were in People of the Water Flower Village in reverse Song Il-gook, and as the rival in Save the Last Dance for Me.

Lee Bo-Young

In 2005, Lee expected her first driving action in the well ordered exhibit My Sweetheart, My Darling, looked for after by the Silla-set recorded epic Ballad of Seodong with Jo Hyun-jae. She encountered the going with a critical expanded time-frame in Pinoy TV exhibitions Mr. Farewell with Ahn Jae-wook, Queen of the Game with Joo Jin-mo, and Becoming a Billionaire with Ji Hyun-charm yet none breathed life into an enthusiastic response with get-togethers of people or faultfinders.

Lee Bo-Young in 2012

Resulting to playing the adoration energy for My Brother and A Dirty Carnival, Lee was hurled in her first genuine extra colossal screen work in Once Upon a Time. The heist farce is set amidst pioneer rule in the midst of the 1940s, and she and Park Yong-draw in played shocking swindlers out to take an important stone from the Japanese armed force. Her two movies discharged in 2009 were the two melodramas. In More Than Blue, Lee plays the perfect associate of an essentially wiped out man, yet their worship finishes in a disaster undercut with a dazzling scantiness. While in I Am Happy, Lee played a helpful watchman who falls for a patient in the mental ward, and in one another they discover reassurance to see them through their savage and dismal reality. Lee came back to TV in 2010, playing a tease in the exceptional association sensation Harvest Villa banter Shin Ha-kyun.

She by then had a visitor round piece as the president’s little girl in government pro strategy Athena Goddess of War, looked for after by post-separate from thought plan Bravo, My Love with Lee Tae-sung, and right requital show Man from the Equator with Uhm Tae-woong. She by then played the essential character in My Daughter Seo-youthful, a vocation lady who is incensed at her dad, whose betting oppression affected her mom’s end, yet she battles to keep the family together and make closes meet. Lee said playing Seo-youthful required a more undeniable essentialness of inclination than any of her past occupations, which left her depleted at this point what’s more tendency a continuously basic opinion of accomplishment.

The family Pinoy tv show was the best hit at this point of Lee’s calling; it overwhelmed the reliably evaluations outline for 22 straight weeks, and recorded a blueprint high of 47.6% on its last scene, the most lifted Korean sensation rating in 2013. Her resulting strategy I Can Hear Your Voice (2013) was in like way surely understood amidst its run. In it, Lee played a materialistic open shield who affirmed to serve a kid with phenomenal points of confinement 10 years sooner after she saw the kid’s dad being killed. Faultfinders said with her obstinate and hawkish character, Lee could break free of her past quiet and decision picture. She won two or three qualifications for her execution, including the Daesang, the most surprising honor at the SBS Drama Awards. Lee was named Actress of the Year by Gallup because of the achievement of her works.

In 2014, Lee played a mother who returns in time two weeks in advance her youngster’s seizing and murder in God’s Gift 14 Days. In 2017, Lee featured in SBS’s bona fide spine chiller Whisper. She played the movement of a zone head of criminal division who gets rejected from the police and later on camouflage herself and work as a mystery at a law office. In 2018, Lee incorporated into the Korean adaption of the Japanese show Mother, playing the essential character.

Lee Sang-yoon

Lee Sang-yoon was picked of a social occasion in the city of Yeouido by his past affiliation manager at 24 years old. Making his induction appear in 2005 of each a Hite Beer business, he kept on featuring in two or three Pinoy TV plan. He won Best New Actor at the 2010 MBC Drama Awards for Home Sweet Home. Lee earned insistence with his action in the family week’s end sensation My Daughter Seo-youthful, which recorded a pinnacle viewership rating of 47.6%, making it the most stunning surveyed Korean demonstration of 2013. Lee came back to the screen with period sensation Goddess of Fire, playing Prince Gwanghae. Lee featured in his first wide screen driving work in the 2014 feeling film Santa Barbara.

Lee Sang-yoon

That year, he additionally expected lead occupations in the supportive sensation Angel Eyes and problem spine chiller game-plan Liar Game. In 2015, Lee featured in lighthearted parody game-plan Second 20s. In 2016, Lee featured in end appear On the Way to the Airport. He had his second extra immense screen driving occupation in the spine chiller film Insane. In 2017, Lee featured in SBS’ bona fide sensation Whisper, playing a five star judge. In December, Lee demanded to show up in the pompous presentation Master in the House as a settled cast part. In 2018, Lee featured in the dream acting About Time close to Lee Sung-kyung.

Lee will make his film bounce back in 2019 with the activity satire Okay Madam. He is set to play an appealing North Korean mystery administrator who gets a family.

Park Se-young

Park Se-youthful made her acting presentation in a Pinoy TV sensation in 2002 when she was as of not long ago an adolescent, yet left the entertainment business to focus on her investigations. She came back to acting in 2011, and first pulled in idea the wake of showing up in Jay Park’s Know Your Name music video. She by then anticipated supporting occupations in family execution If Tomorrow Comes, right counter spine chiller Man from the Equator, acting Love Rain, period epic Faith, and high schooler show School 2013. In 2013, Park was hurled in her first driving action in the well ordered presentation Sincerity Moves Heaven.

She was additionally doled out as one of the MCs on Music Bank. Park showed up on the fourth time of We Got Married in 2014, a game plan/unscripted Pinoy TV demonstrate that joined acclaimed people into phony married couples. Another driving movement followed in week’s end execution Glorious Day. Park by then incorporated into two web-toon film changes Fashion King and The Cat Funeral. In the wake of fulfillment an understanding request with S.A.L.T Entertainment, Park set apart with new office Hunus Entertainment in 2015. That year Park was hurled in her supporting occupation in the well ordered sensation My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol and she won Excellence Award, Actress in ninth Korea Drama Awards for her presentation.

Park Se-young

In 2016, Park featured in the accommodating spine chiller A Beautiful Mind. After a supporting work in the 2017 credible spine chiller Whisper, Park acknowledged the standard work in performance Money Flower. In June 2018, Park set apart with new affiliation CL& Company. In 2019, Park was hurled in the farce show Special Labor Inspector Jo as a judo contender turned government agent.

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